Monday, September 30, 2013

Franklin's Swanky Bow Ties

I'm a cat person through and through, until I met Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt whose doggie daddy happens to be one of my good friends Matthew. Franklin is an all black miniature schnauzer who is THE most laid back animal I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  The best part about Frank? When I met him he was wearing this super cool bow tie! 

His bow tie has gotten a little dirty in the time that I have known him so one weekend, several weeks ago, when I was doggie-sitting for Matt I decided it was time to put my sewing skills to work and make Frank a new one. I used two types of grosgrain ribbons just as the original. And then hot glued elastic to the back to fit over the collar. Here was my first attempt (and welcome home surprise to Matthew) at a doggie bow tie. 
I made it just a bit bigger than his original and I was very happy with the result as were Franklin and Matthew. But now that we knew I could make these lovely little bow ties for Franklin, in come the requests and discussions of the "next one." At the suggestion of my lovely mother, and fellow blogger ( ) I decided to use fabric and interfacing this go around. My first attempt was a little too small for Frank's hefty size, but my second go around was perfect. 

To the left is my first attempt and the start of my second one. I had to make it slightly bigger do to Frank's size. Also my Halloween fabric choice! :) To the right shows the lastic hot glued to the back to make the loop to attach to the collar.
 Finished project and the mess up. 
I haven't given them to Franklin to model yet, I have been waiting to make him a new black collar to match his new bow tie better. Which takes me to the funny conversation my mother and I got to experience with my dear friend Matthew yesterday. I called him in request of Frank's neck measurements and he says to us, "Sure, I can do that. One question... How do I measure it without breaking his neck or breaking the ruler?" My mother and I laughed and laughed over this and explained to take his current collar off and measure that. His next remark? "Oh yeah, I can do that. One more thing, can I borrow a ruler?" Oh he quite made me laugh yesterday and needless to say I will be purchasing my home-owning friend a measuring tape since everyone should have one. 

He has since gotten me the measurements I need and I will be working on that this week. Also I am thinking of starting to sell these, I have had several friends request them for their dogs and they aren't difficult to make. Nice way to use my sewing skills as a side job I'd say. I leave you with a picture of Franklin and my baby girl, furbaby, and love of my life. My 13 year old cat, Salt. 
She wasn't thrilled but doesn't hate him either. 


  1. Franklin is absolutely lovely. He reminds me a lot of India, my mother's dog. Thank you for posting this!
    Those bow ties are adorable. I've seen a salt and pepper schnauzer here in Madrid wearing something similar. I should try to make a girly version for India :D

    1. You certainly should! They are super easy to make, just a 10x6 piece of fabric folded down and sewn together then sewed the sides together, cover the middle and added elastic.