Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall for Cotton, completed!

Okay y'all!

I have completely finished my Fall for Cotton project! The Fall for Cotton challenge hosted by, is a challenge featuring a vintage item using cotton fabric!

 I spent Saturday completing the head piece to give my photo shoot look a real vintage feel. I used my left over striped fabric and the left over polka dot fabric as well! I got to break out one of my moms newest tools, a bias tape maker!

I loved the little red touch by creating the polka dot bias tape, and I have found I want to use this headband for casual looks now. :)

Sunday morning my mother and I spent hours in our local flea markets in search of pearls for the photo shoot. We we're not only successful in that search but we also found some other goodies, including a vintage cookbook that my grandmother Catherine once had. My mothers golden find of the day was actually one I stumbled upon not even knowing what I found. This was an eyelet and snap pliers which worked out great considering my mom needed her for the dress she is making my younger sister for the Fall for Cotton challenge. She's doing a lovely job with the dress, you can check out her progress at her blog.

The best part about this challenge being a vintage one is that I got to use my mother's 1966 Frigidaire Flair stove that she acquired this past May. She loves this stove, her mother had one just like it when she was a child and she has been looking for one like it for years. She has been very happy with it and I have already requested it in the will. :)

So here is some photos of my completed project from my photo shoot. I must say my mother and I had a lot of fun with this, Markie the cat, not so much.


  1. Very nice apron! You regret using too easy a project for the Fall for Cotton but I'm regretting just the opposite. My project is driving me crazy and I hope I can get it finished in time!

    1. Thank you, I guess it is good that I picked something I knew I would finish in time. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! you still have a whole weekend :)